Student Testimonies

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Three vocalists in black dresses hold up microphones as they perform on stage Three vocalists in black dresses hold up microphones as they perform on stage

“Completing my doctorate in vocal pedagogy at Frost exceeded my expectations in every way. The program allowed me the flexibility to develop in areas that interested me and in areas I couldn't have imagined.”
- Rachelle Fleming, DMA'13, Pedagogy and Performance 

“As a student at the Frost School, I had many opportunities to celebrate what I am passionate about, explore a plethora of new interests, and prepare me for a career in the rapidly evolving world of the professoriate.” 
- Jace Saplan, DMA'16, Choral Conducting

“The DMA in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance program at the University of Miami, Frost School of Music provided me extraordinary teaching and performing opportunities - preparing me beautifully for this dual career as a performer/professor, I frequently refer to assignments and materials from my doctoral course work at UM in my current position.  Every detail of this program was worth it.”
Jeffrey William, DMA'14, Pedagogy and Performance 

“UM was instrumental in developing me from an enthusiastic singer into the beginnings of a professional operatic singer.  I learned all the elements of a professional career - voice, languages, diction, acting, score preparation, music theory… as well as given a wide variety of opportunities to perform - scenes, recitals, concerts, galas, and full operas.  I made my professional operatic debut while still a student, and I continue to use the tools and information learned at UM today as I continue my career as a performer. “
- Sandra Lopez, BM '97, International Soprano

“The MVP program here at Frost has changed me immensely. The opportunities that I have been provided both inside and outside the classroom were one of a kind. I had the opportunity to take advantage of all the great things the school offers but also all the amazing things that go on in the vibrant city of Miami. The faculty doesn't hesitate to go the extra mile and tailor your experience to your interests. I had the freedom to become the artist that I wanted to be instead of having to fit a standard mold. The relationships I have made here have prepared me to enter life after graduation confident that I will succeed. I wouldn't trade my time here at the U for anything. It's great to be a Miami Hurricane.” 
- Ian Silverman, MVP BM '17, Frost Outstanding Student of the Year 

 “The Frost School of Music department of Vocal Performance has exceeded all expectations I had before entering music school. The private vocal instruction I've received has been phenomenal and has helped me develop solid technique and artistry. In addition, vocal majors are able to utilize opportunities such as performing in the opera, master classes with world-class performers and directors, and being able to participate in the Salzburg program. All of these lessons and opportunities have inspired me to further my development as a singer and have also given me the tools and knowledge to succeed in this career.”  
- Emily Ennis, BM '18

“The MVP program at the Frost School of Music solidified my passion for music and my intense desire to perform and reach the highest academic level of my field. I had the pleasure of working with absolutely incredible faculty who helped me become the artist I am today, in both musicianship and musicality. The program challenged me to not just be a student, but to be a scholar in my field. I would not have been prepared or had the opportunities I’ve had in my graduate program at Towson University without the skills I developed at Frost. In addition, the mentorship that I received from Dr. Hardenbergh, Alan Johnson, Dr. Kennedy, and every faculty member at Frost showed me that this strange and exciting music world we all live in is truly about family and collaboration - true transcendence through our art. Thank you for everything!” 
- Nicole Steinberg, BM '17